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2019 25/04/2019 25th Year Anniversary Open House Conference

EFTCO celebrates the 25th Year Anniversary with an Open House Conference the 4th April 2019 in Brussel. 

150 visitors took the possibilities to visit our exhibition and industry speakers provided an update about  

 •          Latest Update of the implementation of the Electronic ECD

                       Peter Devos (ECLIC VzW Managing Director)

•         2019 Development of the Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) Tank Cleaning

                        Victor Trapani (CEFIC SQAS and Transport Regulations Manager)

•          Food Industry logistic requirements to Tank Cleaning Partners

                        Franck LHOEZ (ROQUETTE Europe Transportation Quality Coordinator)

•          Kosher Cleaning requirements to Industry

                        Rabbi P.A. Meyers (Hager Kashrus Committee Antwerp)  

•          The future of water and water reuse in the tank cleaning sectors

                        Marc Feyten (AAQUA CEO)

•          Tank Cleaning Solutions and Service

                        Rob Raeymaekers (KÄRCHER Product Management Engeneeringi 

•             A view over the Atlantic – Tank Cleaning in USA – Association Partnership

                        Terry O`Brien (QUALA President)

A very special `Thank you` to our sponsors and very interesting exhibitors

•             AAQUA AQUAPROX Water and Waste Water Technlogy  

•             KÄRCHER


•             ctw CARS TANK WASH

•             OMZ Industrial washing plants 

•             QUALA a Cleaner Company