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EFTCO Food Assessment

What's new?

Here at EFTCO, we understand that the world is changing to a more and more digital world.

Not just the young new businesses, but in every sector, on every location in the world, companies are changing their way of work to adapt to this ongoing digital era.

Therefor we are proud to announce we have created a digital platform for different types of users, based on the Tank Cleaning sector. Those users can use our webapplication for their specific role within the EFTCO Food Assessment process. Every type of user can perform different actions or use different functionalities. All of which in a dynamic online environment.

Interested in having your own account?

Request your own specific account type by email at secretary@eftco.org.

The image to the right explains the flow of the webapplication and how different users can interact throughout the process of the EFTCO Food Assessment. Please find a list of all the new modules the new website and webapplication have to offer, below.

Responsive website & webapplication

  • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Optimized for use on a wide array of resolutions.
  • Easily accessible from smartphones and tablets to desktop and laptop systems

The Tank Cleaning Company

  • Can place online assessments requests
  • Is able to consult a list of approved assessors online
  • Has the ability to schedule the assessment online
  • Can add comments and improvement plans to an assessment
  • Will be published as an assessed company on the website by EFTCO, once the assessment is succesfully passed

The Assessor

  • Can participate in scheduling the assessment
  • Has the ability to complete the full assessment online
  • Is able to save drafts
  • Can add scores and comments to the assessment

Producers of Chemicals or Foodstuff

  • Have the ability to consult reports of the assessments
  • Can (re)use a smart filtering system to quickly find certain modules from within an assessment

Sector Certifiers

  • Have the ability to view completed assessments and add extra sector specific labels to them

Interactive map of member stations

  • Interactive map
  • More than 500 member stations with detailed information (contact data, technical info, provided services, ...)
  • Search engine with filter options
  • Always up-to-date info


A complete EFTCO Food Assessment consists of 3 parts

  1. SQAS core with general management, quality and safety questions
  2. SQAS tank cleaning with general tank cleaning questions
  3. EFTCO food assessment questionnaire with food specific questions

Part 1 & 2 questions are valid for chemical and food tank cleaning. Some of these questions can be marked as “not applicable” for cleaning stations cleaning foodstuff only. The SQAS questionnaires & reports can be downloaded and/or consulted on the website www.sqas.org and are published on the EFTCO website in pdf format.

The EFTCO Food questionnaires are available for download in our DOWNLOAD section