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The EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD) shown below (not actual size) is copyright protected for EFTCO through a registration at the European Merkenbureau (model subscription number 202130-0001). ECD is available from approved cleaning stations across Europe and is the documented proof for the loading industry that the molecules of the last transported product have been washed out and safely disposed of at a legal cleaning station. The approved cleaning station is empowered to issue ECD under a contract between EFTCO and the National Cleaning Associations; the latter transfer the copyright to their members through another contract, which defines and controls the expected standards.

Each ECD is a uniquely numbered document that can be tracked back to the point of origin providing security against falsification and fraud. EFTCO is developing further security measures and takes robust action against fraudulent activity in order to protect the integrity of the ECD.

On line traceability of ECD, development of e-ECD (Electronic ECD) and EDI integrated systems makes it possible for each member in the supply chain to verify each step of their business between each loading.

EFTCO is committed to leading a trustful partnership for the cleaning industry and all stakeholders, including transport companies and product manufacturers.


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