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History of EFTCO

The beginning

The initial discussions about establishing a new Federation for tank cleaning was started in June 15, 1993. On the first “international” meeting in Lille France present were:

  • E. SELIAERTS Cleaning Manager A. T . T . Chairman CTC Belgium
  • H. KERKHOFS Managing Director A. D. P .O. Vice-Chairman CTC Belgium
  • D. GILES Director Tankclean Ltd . Chairman NRTCA U.K.
  • B. HUTCHINSON Managing Director H & P Freightways Vice-Chairman NRTCA U.K.
  • T.FRY Managing Director Fleetclean Ltd. Secretary NRTCA U. K.
  • J. DE GRAAUW General Manager Hoyer France Vice-Chairman Aplica France
  • A. ISTRIA GCA-Trans Secretary Aplica France
  • L.J.H. CEELEN Deputy Secretary KNV Secretary ATCN the Netherlands
  • H. G. EEUWHORST Cleaning Manager NWM Committee Member ATCN the Netherlands
  • E. GEYSELS Legal Adviser FEBETRA Secretary CTC Belgium

On the next meeting on August 31, 1993 at the headquarters of Febetra, the Belgian Transport Association, the aims, the conditions for membership, voting, cost sharing principles were decided which means EFTCO started functioning but was not officially registered yet. The aim of establishing a uniform cleaning certificate was accepted.


Hugo Kerkhofs was elected as the first President, John de Graauw as Vice President and E. Geysels as Secretary. The seat of EFTCO is the official address of Febetra in Brussels. Even at that time Germany, Switzerland and Italy joining EFTCO was discussed but only Italy joined as late as 1998.

EFTCO as a legal company

It was incorporated on 24 March, 1999. Registration Number: 3739660 under the Companies Act 1985 as a private company Limited by guarantee in the UK.

Founding members were CTC of Belgium, APLICA of France, NRTCA of England, ATCN of the Netherlands, ALCI of Italy and ANLIC of Spain.

Former and present leaders of EFTCO

HUGO KERKHOFS - President 1999-2006 General Secretary 2006-2012

JOHN DE GRAAUW - President 2006-2008

KARL-JOSEF SCHÜRMANN - President 2008-2012 Vice President 2006-2008/2013-2015

ERWIG SELIAERTS - President 2013 -  Vice President 2008 - 2012