EU Cleaning Stations

2023 27/07/2023 The new eECD 2.0 solution is launched

The electronic eECD’s with a unique EFTCO QR code can be generated by all eECD licensed cleaning stations and the validity of the eECD can be checked by all stakeholders scanning the QR code. This eECD 2.0 project is the start of a complete new digital beginning whereby all stakeholders using the paper ECD’s today, can prepare for the digital eECD 2.0 industry transition at their own pace.

 ECLIC published an ECLIC eECD 2.0 tutorial intro movie which can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/45nyI0BSo1Y . This movie explains the new features of the electronic EFTCO Cleaning Document or eECD 2.0. In addition, it zooms in on how to check the validity of the electronic EFTCO Cleaning Document by scanning the EFTCO QR code.