EU Cleaning Stations

2021 05/05/2021 EFTCO Cleaning Codes Revision 31

EFTCO has published a memorandum informing of the updated the EFTCO Codes Revision 31 for the usage of Tank Cleaning documentation with the EFTCO Cleaning Document.

The following changes are valid as from 1st May 2021:

  1. adding a `Guideline` for all codes 

    Each code was supplemented with a guideline to clearly define the content of the code.

  2. adding new codes

    Following codes have been added.

    C82    Peracetic acid

    E17    Low pressure cleaning

    E31    Drying with air at ambient Temperature  (formerly P31)

    E95    Livery/External Wash                            (new name)

    P21    Rinsing

    P70    Tipper or Trailer cleaning

    P71    Refrigerated truck cleaning

    P72    IBC cleaning

    Codes P70, P71 & P72 are valid for the usage of approved member tank cleaning stations and not intended for the use by cleaning locations exclusively engage with the Trailer, Tipper, IBC and Refrigerated trailer cleaning.

  3. deleting codes

    Following codes have been deleted

    P02    Cold (T=ambient) water spin in a complete cleaning cycle

    P31    Drying with air at ambient Temperature  (now E31)

  4. renumbering existing code

    For a more meaningful grouping in the correct group, the following codes have been regrouped from F (Food) to T (Test) and remain valid for Food, Feed and Chemicals.

    F60    Turbidity measurement               new       T40

    F61    Conductivity measurement          new       T41

    F62    ATP measurement                      new       T42

    F63    pH-value measurement               new      T43

    F64    Membrane filter test                    new      T44

    F65    Allergen test                               new       T45