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2020 13/11/2020 Validity of EFTCO Cleaning Documents

Validity of EFTCO Cleaning Documents


New EFTCO Memorandum

The EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD) is a support document for every single tank cleaning in the supply chain process. It is a documentation of the Tank Cleaning Stations that performed the cleaning process and which are member of EFTCO associated national associations, approved to issue the EFTCO Cleaning Document.

The documentation of the ECD includes all relevant details of executed tank cleaning services.

In Box 13 of the ECD, the date and time for the start and the end of cleaning is recorded.

The validity of this documentation is unlimited and the ECD expires during the next load.

EFTCO recommends for tanks, that will not be loaded directly after the cleaning process (f.e. Tank Container), to confirm date of inspection of cleanliness at the moment the tank is collected by the transport company.

Code T01 for Visual | Odour inspection can be added with the date of inspection on existing ECDs to confirm and describe a tank as clean when there are no visible traces or odour of the last product or cleaning agent following an inspection from the man-lids.

Therefore, EFTCO modified the rules to issue an ECD and allows the additional inspection documentation (T01) at a later point in time than the initial cleaning (Box13) was performed.

This information can be printed in Box 10 or Box 11 of the ECD, but also a standardized stamp added with the date and inspector name are allowed as supplementary addendum to the initial EFTCO Cleaning Document.

The validity of EFTCO Cleaning Documents cannot expire due to temporal limitations of the cleaning date, if the cleanliness inspection and date is additionally available on this cleaning documentation.