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2020 13/11/2020 Rules 2020 EFTCO Cleaning Documents

Rules for issuing EFTCO Cleaning Documents (ECD)

EFTCO redefine their Rules for issuing EFTCO Cleaning Documents (ECD) and we have attached a document with the revised rules. Download here!              Spanish Version

EFTCO clarify the understanding of the correct date/time of the end of cleaning and improves their documentation possibilities to certify an additional inspection (T01).

Box 13 of the ECD includes the date and time of the end of the cleaning operation (Time out) and this is the moment the tank left the cleaning bay.

The ECD can be added with an additional code T01 for inspection, even if this inspection is carried out after the initial end of cleaning, certified in Box 13.

A tank can be re-inspected at the moment of pick up by a driver when there is a doubt this tank still meets the EFTCO definition of clean at that moment.

When this inspection indicates the tank is still meeting this definition, the code T01 combined with the date and time of this inspection is put in box 11 of the ECD.

When the ECD was already printed and cannot be modified, a stamp of the cleaning station with code T01, date, time and the signature of the cleaning station can be put on the printed ECD.

A sample of the stamp format and content needs to be approved and archived by the national association on behalf of EFTCO before they are allowed to be used.

The size and the content is described in the rules to issue an ECD.

When the visual inspection shows that additional actions are needed to meet the EFTCO definition of clean, these additional actions and the date and time when they were done must be added into the ECD documentation.

It is still not allowed to issue an ECD solely for a visual / odour inspection (T01).

By adding this additional possibility in ECD documentation, EFTCO would like to stop an ongoing discussion about the moment of the end of cleaning. Also allow a documentation that an additional inspection at a later point of time have been carried out, which is related to an associated earlier cleaning. An ECD does not show any length of validity. 

As this allows an additional documentation that an inspection has been done before the tank left the cleaning station, no such ECD should be declared as expired.