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2020 21/08/2020 EFTCO welcomes first Global Member

EFTCO welcomes the first global member and is announcing the membership acceptance of

“The Gold Bond Group Ltd”


Gold Bond is the first cleaning station outside the European territory getting the status of an EFTCO Global Member and the permission to use the EFTCO Global Membership logo and the EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD) 

The EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD) is a support document for every single tank cleaning in the supply chain process. It is the documentation of the cleaning process carried out. The uniform EFTCO Codes describe these steps and are available in numerous languages on the EFTCO website (www.EFTCO.org).

The EFTCO members decided in 2019 to implement global membership to cover the increasing global demand for a structured quality control and a consistent documentation method of tank cleaning services.

Gold Bond proved high technical quality and environmental protection standards during  the cleaning process and waste treatment. The EFTCO philosophy of Safety, Environment, Education and Technical improvements is fully adopted by Gold Bond.

EFTCO Middle East region - Contac details

The Gold Bond Group Ltd

1 Hakidma, North Ind. Zone, P.O.B. 4091

Ashdod 7752184



Tel: +972-8-8547001 | Fax: 08-6523404 | E-mail: Conterm@conterm.co.il