EU Cleaning Stations

2019 17/12/2019 Electronic EFTCO Cleaning Document (eECD)

The EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD) is a support document for every single tank cleaning in the supply chain process. It is a documentation of the performed cleaning process. The uniform EFTCO Codes describe these steps and are multilingual available in all European languages.

The ECD is under copyright by EFTCO and the use of this document is restricted to quality approved cleaning stations being a member of a national association.

EFTCO, Cefic and ECTA created a standard paper ECD back in 2005 and consider this harmonized digital eECD process as the new & future industry best practice going forward.

EFTCO, CEFIC / essenscia and ECTA has started a project and merged efforts to digitalize the existing paper version of the EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD) into the electronic EFTCO Cleaning Document (eECD) controlled and supervised by the

European Chemical Logistics Information Council vzw ("ECLIC“), by 

  • ECTA: European Chemical Transport Association
  • essenscia: Belgian federation of the Chemical and Life sciences industry
  • EFTCO: The European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations

EFTCO declares the worthiness of the eECD information is of the same high value as the used paper version of the EFTCO Cleaning Document (ECD).

EFTCO continues to have the full copyrights and control of the ECD usage, also if this is used as an eECD.  

Document: 2019 EFTCO eECD Memorandum