EU Cleaning Stations

2017 06/10/2017 ECD INSTRUCTION - EFTCO Code T01


EFTCO decided to change the process and documentation for ECD spicific information and ECD definitions. This implements a process for ECD documentation if a visual inspection was done after the initial cleaning was already done. 


The work carried out in the cleaning station has to be declared on the ECD, using the correct EFTCO codes.

The cleaning station will not edit this at the request of the customer or for any other purpose. An ECD cannot be issued for solely visual | odour inspection T01, if the tank was not cleaned by the same cleaning site. 

3. Definitions and foundations


No length of validity is given for the ECD. An ECD can be renewed with a visual | odour inspection (EFTCO Code T01) and only be issued for a visual | odour inspection (T01) alone on following conditions:

 -        The tank was cleaned by the same cleaning site

-        The tank did not leave the site

-        The visual inspection proved that the tank meets the EFTCO’s definition of clean.

-        The unique number of the old ECD is registered in the comments (box 11) on the new EC ECD

-        The original page (white) of the old ECD is kept in the cleaning station ECD document filing

-        A copy of the old ECD is attached to the new ECD

o   Alternatively the old original ECD page (white) can be attached to the new ECD if marked as INVALID