EU Cleaning Stations

2017 04/12/2017 ECD becomes EFTCO Cleaning Document

With immediate effect, EFTCO changed the name of the ECD from European Cleaning Document into EFTCO Cleaning Document.

With the implementation of the EFTCO Cleaning Document, we accomplish a higher identification of the ECD to EFTCO.

EFTCO is the holder of the rights of the ECD and we make EFTCO and the EFTCO Cleaning Document ready and prepared for the proceeding of industry digitalization.

EFTCO is the European Federation of Tank Cleaning and the ECD should clearly identify EFTCO as owner and responsible organization for the EFTCO Cleaning Document.

The EFTCO Cleaning Document will give EFTCO a unique status within the logistic chains of all industry categories for the chemical, feed, pharma and food sections. 

2018 will be a year of transition, fading away from the European Cleaning Document and the implementation of the EFTCO Cleaning Document.

With immediate effect, EFTCO asked all of their national member organization to change the ECDtemplates into EFTCO Cleaning Document.

The headline and the micro letters changed to EFTCO Cleaning Document.

The 2nd page has not been changed and can be used according to your local language and requirements. 

The change to EFTCO Cleaning Document is a milestone for EFTCO and makes the success story of the ECD fit for the future.