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2015 23/07/2015 EFTCO FOOD ASSESSMENT SYSTEM - improved and updated!

EFTCO has developed its food assessment system to meet the recent demands of the food industry and tank cleaning stations.

Main changes:

EFTCO has decided to allow the food industry to evaluate the results of the EFTCO Food Assessment Report. In the past EFTCO set out KO-criteria in the assessment, but as different food sectors have their own criteria which may or may not mirror the KO criteria previously set by EFTCO, the decision as to the suitability of a tank cleaning station will now be left to the food industry.

After the EFTCO Food Assessment report has been completed by the assessor and has been confirmed by the tank cleaning company, EFTCO will approve the assessment and publish it on the EFTCO website. Members of the EFTCO Food user group (e.g. food manufacturers) will be able to request an assessment report of a tank cleaning company and evaluate it according to their own criteria. It is possible to save templates on the website to facilitate the checking of compliance of different reports.

Changes in the Questionnaire

The EFTCO Food Questionnaire has been revised. Some questions have been changed and new questions have also been included to meet the recent demands of the food industry.

The Changes: The term ’HACCP Management system’ has been replaced by a more generic term of ’Food Safety Management System’, because the HACCP system is not the only hazard identification system used by EFTCO members.

New questions  refer to the control of the effectiveness of the food safety management system, the effectiveness of disinfection, the removal of allergenes, client-specific requirements and also outline the importance of food defence.

Changes in the use of the EFTCO Food Logo

The EFTCO Food assessed logo is proof the company has been assessed according to the EFTCO Food Questionnaire but, due the removal of KO criteria, it  is no longer a symbol that minimum criteria has been met. The design of the logo has therefore been changed: The EFTCO Food Assessed logo consists of the EFTCO Logo + the text Food Assessed.


The text of the new Questionnaire (in English and German) and the Terms for the use of the EFTCO Food Assessed logo (in English) can be downloaded from the EFTCO website http://www.eftco.org/downloads

The completed report of an  assessment can be consulted online by third parties having access to the secured part of the EFTCO website and after being granted access by the tank cleaning station. Username and password for access to the secured part of the website can be requested online on www.EFTCO.org.

Finally EFTCO is proud to announce that the EFTCO Food training for SQAS assessors is accepted by the SQAS Technical and Accreditation Committee for the assessment of the food questions in the SQAS modules Transport Service and Tank Cleaning.


Karl-Josef Schürmann

President of